Facebook Comments Like Get Likes Even More!

by Wmqp22. November 2013 18:37

Facebook Comments Like Get Likes Even More!

Likeall.org made it possible to get more likes for comments by creating a new improvement. You can now can open your comments which is located anywhere in facebook to likes in likeall.org system.

Your comments can be seen by more people and more and more people start to like your comments.Users are going to love this new feature which effects your popularity directly in facebook.

And also, we have to stress the fact of this feature is new in the world. Likeall.org continue to create big advantages to its users by creating original improvements.

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Likeall.org Increased The Payment Gateways

by Wmqp17. September 2013 09:35

Likeall.org Increased The Payment Gateways

One of the most updating winning platforms, likeall.org has now developed a new feature. By creating new payment gateways, website made purchasing easier.  Mobil payment system is one of these new gateways. It is simply use your phone to pay system. Now it is possible in likeall.org. And now it is also possible to purchase credits by using, Credit Card, Bank Card and Bank Deposit.


Likeall.org makes updates by using the data comes from the technical teams analysis works and costumer relations management departments findings. Last development was made to satify the needs of costumers. With the flexibility, easiness and with the big number of payment options, the firm will be one of the companies that keeps their users satisfaction level at the rate of 100%. 

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Likeall.org users are now making like even more secure!

by Wmqp13. September 2013 10:54

Likeall.org team which has a strong costumer relation management, made a new decision after the general montly consideration and developed a new feature. The problem of blocking user accounts in socail media web sites is now terminated. This development is made by consideration of users requests and complaints.

How new system Works?

       ·         A user will use the system with the limit of 250 credirs which activates every hour in each category ( facebook page like, twitter twit etc.)

       ·         This limitation will be active hourly. For example in facebook page like category 250 credits will be active again after an hour. Daily, a user can earn 24*250=6000 credits.

What are the advantages of new system?

Over usage bans and problems will be gone with this new system.

What are the credits limits for an hour?

Facebook Likes:        250

Facebook Post Like:250

Facebook Subscribes:250

Twitter Followers: 1000

Linkedin:            500

Web Site Hits:    1000

Google +1:         1000

Youtube Views:    500

Twitter Retweets:  500

Twitter Favorites: 500

Facebook Share: 250

YouTube Subscribe:2000

YouTube Likes:   2000

Pinterest Followers:1000

Pinterest Repins: 1000

Pinterest Likes:   1000

Ask.Fm Like:      2000

Twitter Tweets:    500

MySpace Friends: 1000

Instagram Followers:1000

Instagram Likes:1000


Likeall.org continue to track its every users and uses every data to help everyone to maximize the service it prodive.


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LikeAll.Org Myspace Property

by Wmqp27. July 2013 02:36


Likeall.org did not forget myspace and wanted to answer users demand there. To achieve this, made a good improvement. Now users of myspace will be able to get their users liked. This application which is made for myspace is a proof of likeall.org’s capabilities about technology it uses. 

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Likeall.org is going to get all the market by itslef!

by Wmqp26. July 2013 22:17


The power of socail media is already proven.  In these dayas, Google indicates the same power of social media to get rand well in search engines. And this makes this situation even stronger.

Likeall.org is continuing to uptade and strongen itself. Besides of its competitors very few ( maybe 3-5) like function, likeall.org serve much much more services in this field to its users. So it gains more popularity, gets more traffic, reach more users and increase the satisfaction level on the site. Likeall.org today, is fighting with spammy, trick the users systems. And show a solid standing.

Their las development investment is for Instagram.com’s Followers and Likes. The rapid growing of instagram made it one of the most popular social websites in world. And now likeall.org want to include itself to this, hot trend. With the new developments, its users, will obtain the popularity in instagram very quickly. For all efforts of likeall.org, deserves good thanks. The number of people says “After web2, likeall.org is going to predict the future and used system in future.” İs increasing, rapidly too.


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Likeall.org is stronger in twitter now

by Wmqp20. June 2013 23:30

Likeall.org,as all you know, a platform you can increase your members,subscribers and likes.

Now a new feature has been added to these features. A new topic that you started in Twitter can be extremely popular very quickly.

So, you can obtain the popularity in a very short time period, much shorter than the natural ways. A few days is sufficient to get this popularity. Likeall.org users are much more ahead of internet users who dont use likeall.org. 

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A new user-friendly development from Likeall.org

by Wmqp18. June 2013 20:52
One of the most populer sites which carries the popularity key of social world, likeall.org, is with us again with a new feature.
Users, who get points by liking, was losing time if a website or account is closed down. Likeall.org developers relaised this problem and solved it very well to satify its users.
Now the system automatically detects the links which are broken and deletes form the platform. So users dont lose anytime. The efforts of likeall.org must be an modal for every websites on the internet.

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Likeall.org continues to grow by integrating to Spanish!

by Wmqp28. April 2013 23:43


 Likeall.org made an fantastic start in internet world and continues to grow its users crowd. By integrating spanish language which is one of the most spoken languages in world, likeall.org made a consistent move with the princible of to serve entire world. And after this decision integration completed instantly.

The aim of this last project is to serve a better and user friedly platform for its members. And this last move reflects the  status of website's future. User friedly applications is going to increase the popularity of website. "It is a very important step to satisfy each costumer to reach the level of  satifying entire costumers" says the administrator of likeall.org. Lets wait andsee what other surprises is coming for us!


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by Wmqp21. April 2013 17:55

It is not fully adequate to stress the importance of "local" in promotion. For most of professional promoter "the important thing is to reach targeted crowd." some sectors need to promote their products or services in their local areas.

Likeall.org knows all about it! So we developed another, great improvement for you. Now you list only selected countries you choose and you can be seen only countries you chose. Your followers, subscribers, likers becomes from your selected countries.

Our goal, as likeall.org team is allways to serve you perfectly and to achieve this we will continue to create new instruments for you,continue to  develop new improvements.


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A new Improvement in Likeall.org

by Wmqp21. April 2013 17:52

Lastly we as likeall.org team integrated pinterest.com which has more than 100 million users per month with our website. Users can now get likes or get followers way faster and practically for their pinterest accounts in our website.

Pinterest is a platform which's users are generally women ( 90%). In pinterest there is a good competition, so it is not allways  sufficient to maintain a good content but also there sould be a great promotion. Now you can use likeall.org to help to achieve your goals. Get move, "pin" it , with likeall.org be a new,shining star in pinterest.


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